Solar Cluster

A valuable Participant In The Solar Industry

Solar Cluster was established in early 2017 by German brothers  Martin and Robert Jacobs, By Having established its Board of Directors the company has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.

With South Africa being highly suitable for renewable energy when comparing our sun intensity to Europe and other countries and combining this with solar equipment sourced from reliable manufacturers and with professional workmanship. Solar Cluster has become a valuable participant in the renewable energy industry in South Africa.

View our GREEN promise

Going solar is not just about saving electricity. It is also about going green and limiting your footprint on the environment. Solar Cluster has started its own initiative, where we encourage our clients to donate a solar component to the UMkhuze Honorary Officer Group as they help keep the Mkuze Game Reserve safe and looking great.

With every client, Solar Cluster donates a solar panel on behalf of the client. Thereafter, we invite clients to meet the Honorary Officers by visiting the Mkuze Game Reserve in KZN, to see how one can get involved and how once can  continue donating towards the great cause.

Our Values


Upholding the highest ethical standards in all business practices.

Transparency and honesty

Open communication and truthful dealings underpinning every interaction.


Building and maintaining trust through consistent reliability and credibility.

Client value creation

Dedicated to delivering value that goes beyond expectations, ensuring client satisfaction and success.


Consistently providing dependable and trustworthy solar solutions for our clients.


Offering excellence in service, prioritizing client needs and satisfaction.


Demonstrating unwavering dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions in South Africa.

Why Choose us

Our Accreditations

Herholdt's is the largest solar supplier in the country.

They have more than 6000 accounts and we have been approved as a trusted installer.

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